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  • Feeding/Medication Instructions:

    Be as detailed as possible!
  • All kittens (less than 1 year) must have proof of vaccinations. Cats can be checked-in and out during regular business hours only!

    If we find external parasites (fleas, etc.) on your cat, we will treat him/her and the cost of the treatment will be added to your invoice.

    Personal pet items may be left at your own risk. We're sorry; we cannot accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, pet personal items such as toys, blankets, food containers, etc.

    Emergency/Illness: Should your cat identified on this record become ill or experience an accident, injury, or emergency, I request that Mahomet Animal Hospital provide all medical and surgical treatment it deems necessary and I agree to pay for any such emergency treatment. I acknowledge that in the event of my cat's illness, the staff at this veterinary facility may not be able to contact me immediately and is therefore authorized to initiate appropriate treatment until I can be reached.

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