20160105_172259At Mahomet Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of services to care for your pet. If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can care for your pet, please contact us today.

Routine preventative health services
We offer annual physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, feline leukemia testing, fecal analysis, nail trims etc.

We have a fully equipped separate surgery suite with modern anesthesia and monitoring equipment. See our article on anesthesia safety for a description of our monitoring and pain management protocols.

Merely cleaning diseased teeth is ineffective when periodontal disease is present (see our article on having your pet’s teeth cleaned). We offer complete dental assessment including full mouth digital x-rays to detect disease below the gum line. Periodontal treatments (such as subgingival curettage and root planning) are performed in order to help slow the progress of this disease. Most extractions (oral surgery) are performed inhouse although we may refer complicated cases to a dental specialist.

Acupuncture can offer some relief from various ailments such as osteoarthritis, neuropathy, chemotherapy, and more! Acupuncture restores balance and promotes healing. Click here for more information on acupuncture.

In Hospital Treatment
All pets are given double-sided plush fleece pads to rest on. Additional towels are used as needed and bedding is kept clean and dry. Precise fluid pumps deliver the appropriate amount of IV fluids to animals requiring fluid therapy. Cat and dog wards are separate. All hospitalized animals are carefully monitored and given lots of TLC.

Digital X-rays
This technology provides superior x-ray images. Because the images are captured instantaneously, radiographs can be re-taken immediately making the process quicker and less stressful for your pet. Images may also be sent to board-certified radiologists if this is deemed advisable.

In-house Laboratory
Our lab equipment provides results quickly and requires less blood than other commonly used blood analyzers.

We use AKC reunite microchips and will permanently register your pet before you leave the office. No annual fees are required.

Weight loss counseling
We can provide custom weight loss programs based on body measurement analysis that allows us to accurately calculate your pet’s ideal body weight and how to achieve the desired weight in a safe controlled fashion.

Behavioral counseling
Although no staff members are board certified in Animal Behavior, we can offer advice on some common behavior problems. We like to be proactive as regards to pets that are uneasy or aggressive at the vet clinic. We offer low stress handling techniques and work with you and your pet to help decrease their anxiety. See our facebook page for the story of Tex who learned to love nail trims!