Image0014We only offer medical boarding for cats. Cats must be on medication once a day or more to qualify and the boarding suite is in our feline hospital ward. Our hospital ward is equipped with a feline pheromone diffuser which has a calming effect and all towels and bedding are also treated with the same pheromone.

We highly recommend bringing your cat’s own food as well as bedding and toys.

Although many cats adjust well to their home away from home, there is often an initial accommodation period and some cats may remain anxious. This can have negative effects on your cat’s physical well-being. If a cat is not eating well, we add a probiotic called Fortiflora to their food. This additive is very palatable and may stimulate the cat to eat. It also acts as an immune stimulant. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, some cats do not adjust well and may refuse to eat. This can be a serious problem as stress combined with lack of food intake may precipitate liver disease. If our boarding cats do not eat for more than 48 hours we will treat them with an appetite stimulant.

Our caretakers have been specially trained in “feline friendly” handling techniques and are dedicated to making your cat’s visit as pleasant and stress free as possible.

Please call for pricing and availability


We are unable to offer boarding for dogs due to lack of sufficient room; our only available space is the canine hospital ward. Special exceptions may be made for pets requiring medical attention.

For general boarding and doggie daycare we recommend Ruff Dayz