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In sixteen years with my Human, I have left the house only three times to see a vet. None of those were happy experiences! So you can imagine how upset I was when my Human said we were going to a new vet!

But I am a polite cat and didn’t yowl TOO loudly in the car. However, I was prepared to hiss and spit once I was in the examination room.

Once there, though, something really strange happened. No one rushed to my prison cell (carrier) to yank me out; no one approached me trying to pull me forcibly from the safety of my cage. I KNOW the vet (Dr. Williams) entered the room; I saw her. But she sat quietly on a chair while my Human spoke to me softly.

That old saying about “cats and curiosity” got the better of me. My cell door was open . . . so I just peeked out. Still no one rushed at me. I came a little farther out. Dr. Williams stood up slowly and stepped quietly toward me. I was feeling relatively secure by this time and came all the way out.

And thus began my experience with a wonderfully kind woman and her loyal assistant Stephanie. They were both gentle and QUIET. (Of course, the wax build-up in my ears might have had something to do with that.)

They treated me respectfully and took blood so easily that I didn’t even react! I was amazed!

When the appointment was over, I actually felt disappointed. I think I had BONDED with them. (Don’t tell anyone, but I was actually looking forward to coming back for a follow-up appointment.)

To any cats who are reading this (or to any of your Humans), I hereby grant five stars to the folks at Mahomet Animal Hospital. They do an incredibly good job with making us “sensitive felines” feel at ease.

Oh, one other important bit of information for you: the DOGS have their own entry. You won’t have to endure any of their boisterousness . . . and that makes things much simpler for us dignified cats!

Sincerely, Gracie, the Cat

I’ve always taken my 7yr. old beagle to a vet in Urbana that I’ll leave unnamed. Ever since she was a pup she has screamed and cried during every procedure and was often so terrified that I hated even the thought of taking her in. We just got a new puppy and I decided to call around to check pricing and looked at online reviews. Mahomet animal hospital was almost half the price of another vet in Mahomet and has rave reviews. My beagle was terrified as normal for her appointment and hid under a chair while the puppy got her exam and shots. Then to my amazement, they put her at ease as much as possible and not once during her visit did she scream. She remained scared but they didn’t bulldoze her and make it a more traumatic experience for her. I look forward to their next visit so hopefully my pups can know not every vet wears a coat cut from the same cloth. -Jennifer Knerr

Every vet visit we’ve ever had Gypsy has had to get muzzled for the vets to even pet her! She is very fearful and overly protective so to her she was just protecting us at this new, strange place, no matter the cost. So our first visit I come in with Gypsy and her muzzle in my purse. Right away I knew this was the animal hospital we’d been searching for. They worked with Gypsy for two weeks, just getting her used to the place, getting her used to the people. Gypsy would be excited in the mornings to go. On one Sunday I was heading out for work and Gypsy was sitting at the door waiting to go to the vet! She let them pet her, pick her up, she even had a play date and did wonderful. I’m just very happy with the staff here and couldn’t thank them enough for how much they’ve put into working with Gypsy. I recommend them to the moon and back and they will be our go to animal hospital from now on! Thank you so much! -Xandra Breann Thais

Dr Cathy Williams has taken care of my 3 very hard to handle cats and a feral kitten for me. It was amazing to see the way my cats responded to her and her staff. She is a strong proponent of pain free hospice care which made so much difference when I was losing my Izzy kitty to cancer. Her kind caring manner made so much difference. I won’t go anywhere else. -Shirley Sanderson Wingate

When we had to be away and our dear pet, Obie needed medication round the clock, Mahomet Animal Hospital was the only place that would care for him. Thank you Dr. Cathy Williams and her kind and loving staff. -Kathy Kalitan Curnutte

Very caring, friendly and dedicated staff. I appreciate how much they work with the animals, and how much they teach the owners about the needs of their animals. Great place to go. Recommended! -Johanna Thais

I highly recommend the Mahomet Animal Hospital. Dr. Catherine Williams provided excellent care to our 16 and a half year old Black Lab and now to our 13 week old Chocolate Lab. Dr. Williams has gone to great lengths to personally take care of our senior adult dog, making sure that she was comfortable and maintaining good health as our dog aged. She now helps us with training tips for our new puppy and seeing that the pup has excellent care in her early years. Most importantly, I am impressed that Dr. Williams would follow-up with a phone call to made sure that our pets were ok. I never had a Veterinarian show compassion and concern over the health of a pet like she did! -Rita Kincheloe

Our 19 year old kitty kat Buddy received premium and exceptional care for his arthritis and related issues during recent ongoing visits to Mahomet Animal Hospital. Dr. Williams and her staff are extremely informative and helpful providing the best care possible. Above average, highly recommended. -Louis Anthony Ballard

Suzy had her second puppy visit at the Mahomet Animal Hospital today. She loved the special attention she received from Dr. Williams and the staff. They treated her with patience and kindness and made her experience very enjoyable in spite of the puppy shot! I recommend the Mahomet Animal Hospital to all pet owners. Not only is the office new and state of the art, the fees are very reasonable and the care given by the very capable staff is extraordinary! In May when our precious 15 year old Boston Terrier, Peanut had to be put down the compassion shown to me on that awful day was much appreciated. Thanks for being there for us! -Julie Davis

I feel so comfortable with the staff and Dr. Williams! They have been great in helping me with my dog’s recent surgery and assisting him with his pain. I’ll never go anywhere else! -Allison Kirkwood

We love coming to Dr. Williams! The staff is amazing and have great people skills! They have new and advanced ideas on vet care and are up to date on the latest research, and their equipment is the newest our there! The prices are phenomenal for the amazing care they provide! My parents who live in Champaign and have been loyal to their vet for over 10 years are switching to here because they are so impressed! I would recommend this clinic to anyone I know! I travel from Monticello to come here. -Liz Oliveira Mortland

My aunt Phyllis wanted me to let everyone know that Dr. Catherine Williams at MAH is wonderful. She is compassionate, knowledgable, loves animals, and has gone out of her way to help Phyllis and her dog Billy. Billy is being treated with Chemotherapy for his cancerous tumor. Treatment is working- shrinking the tumor, and he is improving! -Amy Sloat Hedrick

Dr. Williams is absolutely wonderful!! She has been treating our almost 18 year old cat, Cuddles, and has made a huge difference. Cuddles was very underweight and suffering from kidney disease and Dr. Williams’ caring and knowledgeable treatment brought her back from the brink! Cuddles has gained weight and her last blood test showed her kidney disease is under control. I recommend Dr. Williams to anyone looking for a great veterinarian. -Diane Klock

Today was my first visit and I would highly recommend trying them out. It was the first time since I moved to this area that I felt my dogs were a major concern to their vet. They had time spacious appointments giving time for a real one on one talk, the desensitization helped my Jasmine to get 2 paws worth of nails clipped today. It may seem small but this was without sedation for a dog who wouldn’t ever let any be cut. -Cindy Thorsen

Dr. Williams and the caring staff at MAH are the best. We adopted our cat with their help and they’ve been a pleasure to work with. They took a cat with serious issues and got her to a point of complete health when others would not have persisted. One of the things that we appreciate about them is that while they have access to the latest know-how, techniques and medicines, they are also mindful of cost vs effectiveness. They won’t recommend/prescribe something just because it is the newest available thing when they know something cheaper would probably work just as well. Highly recommended. -David Wojtowicz

Dr. Cathy Williams is an amazing Vet! We have a 12+ year old Border Collie that I took to her this summer. After an exam and blood work, she sent Faith home with some meds that cleared the problem up in a few days. One of the great things about the entire clinic is that your pet is made to feel right at home as soon as you walk in the front door. I never feel rushed and everyone is there to make sure your experience is the best that it can be! Dr. Williams is so good with our animals during the time that they visit. She’s a straight shooter and always lets you know what your options are. She will also give her opinion without forcing it on you. That makes me feel good because I can make my decision based on her professional advice. I’m highly recommending the Mahomet Animal Hospital. Drive the extra mile and come to Cathy’s place! You won’t be sorry you did! -Kevin Rumple

Thanks for providing top care for our geriatric felines, Dickens and Marley! We know our new kittens, Simba and Xena are also in good hands! -Gene and Margaret Rinkel